LG HI-MACS® – Acrylic Solid Surface

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HI-MACS® – Acrylic Solid Surface

What is HI-MACS®?

HI-MACS® is an acrylic solid surface countertop product.
Acrylic is a more durable material when compared to polyester, which can be brittle and may damage easily. The product is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and produced in sheets.

HI-MACS® is non-porous.
Your countertops are safe for food preparation and carry full NSF certification. When a material or seam is porous, food particles can be trapped in the material, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and contamination.

HI-MACS® appears seamless.
Because there are no grout lines, your countertop looks like a continuous material – making it ideal for both beauty and cleanliness.

HI-MACS® is renewable.
No matter the nick, scratch or stain, HI-MACS® can be restored to its original state by a certified professional.

HI-MACS® is the optimal design.
1/2 inch thicknesses are ideal for countertops, shelving, tub surrounds and other horizontal applications.